ICONIC Awards 2022

We are thrilled to announce anySCALE has taken home 4 ICONIC AWARDS for the Innovative Architecture competition in 2022. The Shum Yip Showroom, Porsche Guangzhou Dealership, and Huatai Private Bank projects were all winners for Innovative Architecture, while the YRD Hi-Tech Park Canteen was honored with the “Best of the Best” distinction in this category.

Organized by the German Design Council, the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture competition recognizes the best architectural and design solutions from around the world, awarding holistic concepts in architecture, interior design, product design, and brand communication that integrate these disciplines in an innovative and sustainable manner. 

This year’s awards reenforces our team’s commitment to innovative and distinctive design in a variety of different contexts, including hospitality, retail, and corporate. We are proud to deliver designs that not only deliver for our clients, but also those that consistently progress the industry.

我们骄傲地宣布,anySCALE 2022年度又一次斩获4个ICONIC AWARDS。获奖项目包括:深圳云客厅、广州白云保时捷中心、华泰证券南京私行中心,而且,上海长三角绿洲智谷·赵巷公配餐厅项目荣获了至尊奖(Best of the Best)。

ICONIC AWARDS 标志性设计奖•创新建筑奖代表了当代全球建筑设计的成就和品质。该大奖为建筑师、规划师,以及他们在工业设计和品牌传播领域的合作伙伴,提供了一个国际竞赛的平台,通过ICONIC AWARDS跨行业的、包含网络和媒体的宣传攻势,让创新发展的成就浮出水面,并在行业专家和公众中得到广泛传播。




BEST of BEST: YRD Hi-Tech Park Canteen

WINNER: Shum Yip Showroom

WINNER: Porsche Guangzhou Dealership

WINNER: Huatai Private Banking