SOHO 3Q Expands to Shenzhen

Bolstered by its successful run in Beijing and Shanghai, SOHO is on the move and branching out to other Chinese cities, including South China’s tech capital Shenzhen. Already operating 19 SOHO 3Qs in both cities with around 17,000 seats, SOHO Chairman Pan Shiyi has big aspirations for 3Q’s growth in the area as part of the company’s scaling process. 3Q’s first location in Shenzhen is in buzzy Nanshan district, home to many tech companies’ and startups’ headquarters.

The press conference held on SOHO3Q Shenzhenmade public SOHO’s plans to enter the city. Mr. Pan also invited anySCALE’s Managing Partner Andreas Thomczyk and Senior Designer Mika Woll to the stage and introduced them to the local media. SOHO’s move comes at a time when anySCALE too is branching out to the city, with Mika heading up the new office as regional director. anySCALE will be continuing its long-standing partnership with the company to deliver the interiors for its 3Q co-working spaces and looks forward to a splendid new chapter in both companies’ growth.