CRLand RED Showroom

September, 2021
CR Land
566 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Junjun Mei
Vincent Wu

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the CCP, China Resources Land(CR Land)entrusted anySCALE with designing a modern showroom to commemorate the historic event. CR Land wanted to embody the spirit of the party and pay respect to tradition, but also wanted to offer a fresh look that would be warm and inviting to younger generations. anySCALE met this challenge by incorporating bright red centerpieces and greyscale color tones with contemporary materials, creating an impressive showroom worthy of such an occasion.
The unmistakable bright red of China features prominently in the design, accentuated by muted colors and various reflective surfaces. Entering the showroom, guests are greeted by a red starry sky and a unique Chinese flag display - a rectangular cube of red corrugated glass, lit from above and below. The warm red glow of the showroom is complemented by the interior’s silvery grey BOLON carpets, dark grey mirrors, black tinted glass, and soft white paneled ceilings.
The showroom features several dynamic displays including large LED screens, tall zigzagging screens, and frameless projections on grey cloth. For fixed content, an innovative screen-printing technique was employed. A transparent glass wall with light colored characters overlays a dark grey mirror backdrop. The mirror produces darker character reflections, adding depth to these tall displays. The surfaces throughout the design are flat, vertical and neat.
Serving as a patriotic symbol, the CR Land showroom elegantly remembers the story of the Communist Party of China with forward-looking design.