JEB 展厅

JEB Showroom



JEB Group



270 sqm
Project team
Andreas Thomczyk, Tina Tian
Marc Goodwin

An international maker and supplier of architectural fittings, JEB’s showroom and office in Beijing needed an upgrade not only in size but design. A leader in their industry, their delightful and inspiring furniture, luminaries and partition systems have been used oftentimes by anySCALE.
Visitors and customers are delivered an experience that best demonstrates the use of quality products- a living, breathing showroom within a dynamic and real workplace inhabited by the company’s employees. Several of JEB’s outstanding and unique partition systems were effortlessly incorporated into the interiors, and industrial-chic shades of light grey were used as the base color to avoid color fatigue and allow the fittings and furniture to stand out. Since the building itself restricted ceiling height, the team strategized accordingly to ensure the showroom appeared to be visually expansive. One of the statement features is the long backdrop wall extending along the manager’s office and conference room, composed of seven large sliding doors covered in sound-absorbing fabric.