meCafe Shanghai






1,000 sqm
Design team
Karin Hepp, Belen Valencia
Xia Zhi

Mercedes' latest car dealership embodies the past few years' worth of fundamental changes in luxury automobile sales while conveying the client's brand identity. Gone are the days of salesrooms and waiting areas, now replaced with informal areas for leisure where potential car buyers come to immerse themselves in a distinct experience filled with informational tête-à-têtes, great food and drink, and perhaps even a cultural event. The meCafe makes provisions for all such functions, together designed to follow a natural spatial rhythm. Accounting for the lack of walls in the central areas, the team created modules made of furniture and vertical partitions using metal mesh curtains and shelving. Modernity, comfort, and quality being highlights of the brand necessitated the use of soft colors with gently sophisticated accent colors, as well as warm lighting for a relaxing ambiance. The meCafe blends the Mercedes me mixed-use concept with a dealership, where customers can relax and relate more deeply to the company and its products.

在 anySCALE 刚刚完成了梅赛德斯的最新品牌经销店设计中,我们就奢华汽车品牌销售模式近年来的本质转变,以及如何延续品牌在消费者心目中的经典奢华形象等课题进行了深刻的诠释。摆脱了传统固有的销售房间及等候区域,取而代之的是更为轻松流畅的空间环境,令潜在的车辆消费者能够真正沉浸在品牌打造的独特用户体验中,在享受欢乐自由的私密空间、品尝美食美酒的绝妙滋味、收获文化活动的熏陶之余,亦能感受品牌文化自身的潜在渗透。
meCafe 的设计恰恰服务于以上所有功能,并在此基础上整体勾勒出自然流畅的空间动线。 在空间中心缺乏实墙的前提下,通过家具排布、金属网及陈列架的纵向摆放,对空间模块进行了巧妙的切割及分隔。木色及银灰主色调奠定了空间的精致度与奢华感,结合些许柔和色彩,搭配暖色调的灯光,不仅渲染出轻松舒适的氛围,更将品牌现代、舒适以及具有品质感的特色进行了完美的突出及彰显。
meCafe 将梅赛德斯 me 的品牌混搭概念恰如其分的融入到经销店内,将单纯的车辆展示空间转化成为令消费者可以乐在其中、并轻松享受各式品牌相关体验的多功能空间,也加深了消费者对品牌及其产品的认知与解读。