Mercedes Me Beijing






2,500 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Tom Chan, Karin Hepp, Vivian Zhang, Julia Jiang
Xia Zhi

Mercedes Me is a new concept by Mercedes-Benz with a focus on brand image and lifestyle. Located in the heart of Sanlitun, the central expat area of Beijing, this Mercedes me is the sixth store worldwide, the other locations being Hamburg, Munich, Tokyo, Milan and Hong Kong. At 2,500 square meters it is also the largest Mercedes Me, sporting a Me Café, Chinese fine dining restaurant and a bar, as well as an event space on the second floor.

For this project anySCALE acted as general planner, with the concept design coming from the German architecture firm HG Merz. In this role anySCALE was responsible for implementing all sub-contractors including for structure, media, lighting, kitchen and landscaping. The timeline for this project from receiving the initial design concept to completion was just over one year. This was particularly challenging when considering the scale of the project in combination with the high German quality expectations.

Mercedes Me 是梅赛德斯-奔驰推出的全新概念体验店,其重点在于诠释梅赛德斯-奔驰的品牌形象和全方位的生活方式。坐落在北京市中心的外国人聚集地三里屯,这家Mercedes Me是继汉堡、慕尼黑、东京、米兰、香港之后全球第六家品牌体验店。占地2,500平方米的规模亦是目前全球最大的Mercedes Me 店面,其中包括Me Café、中式正餐厅,酒吧及二层的活动空间等多样功区。

在这个项目中,anySCALE扮演了项目整体规划的特殊角色,将来自德国建筑事务所HG Merz的概念设计与负责结构、媒体、灯光、厨房以及园林景观等各专业分包商进行沟通协调,以推进设计的衍生细化和现场执行工作。从接到项目初始概念设计起到项目最终竣工,整个周期为时将将一年。如此高效,在考虑到项目其自身体量规模和德国高标准严谨化品质期待的前提下,是尤为具有挑战性的。