Soulgoods Chengdu

April, 2021
150 sqm
Design Team
Alex Xu, Andreas Thomczyk
Vincent Wu

Soulgoods, an exciting clothing startup based in Beijing, has branched out to open its fourth retail store in Chengdu’s trendy Atrium mall. The brand has grown a youthful following by collaborating with international fashion designers and major industry players like Nike and Adidas. anySCALE was challenged with producing a design concept that fit both the brand and the city. “We needed to create something that was recognizable as a Soulgoods store, but at the same time it needed to have a Chengdu flavor visible in the environment,” says anySCALE partner Andreas Thomczyk.
To achieve this effect, anySCALE incorporated locally sourced wood materials throughout the design. Working with a relatively modest, rectangular space, anySCALE played with the high ceilings, designing a pitched roof with spaced wooden slats. Beneath the roof, dark wooden beams form a sophisticated grid that shines soft ambient light upward to complement the lighter colored slats as hanging spotlights highlight the products below.
The long showroom features an island checkout counter, free standing displays, recessed shelving displays along the walls and shadow box displays at both entrances. Running along the length of the wall opposite the storage and changing rooms, a mineral streaked walnut shelf fitted with a row of rotating platforms offers shoppers 360°views of Soulgoods’ latest shoe designs. Facing the plaza, the exterior facade is quite remarkable, extending the pitched wooden roof design up the entire height of the building to greatly increase the small store’s visibility. Finally, the interior facade features the same angled slats, creating a barn-like structure that feels rustic, but looks upscale and clean.
Visually engaging and functional, anySCALE’s minimalist design for the Soulgoods Chengdu branch uses lighting and spacing to draw attention to an array of eye-catching displays. In realizing this design concept, anySCALE was able to bolster the fashion brand and endow the new store with its own charming personality.

Soulgoods灵魂虎是一家多元化的街头时尚集合店铺,精选来自日本、欧美等一线街头球鞋、服饰及配饰品牌,发源于北京,第四家门店近日在成都顺利落成。如何将品牌自身及落地城市的双重特质结合在空间设计中?anySCALE执行合伙人兼项目主设计师Andreas Thomczyk是这样诠释的: “我们期望打造属于Soulgoods灵魂虎的品牌空间视觉形象,亦将成都本土的文化特色嵌入到整体空间环境中。”