WER Sports Rehab Center






260 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Tracy Pan, Gaoya
Vincent Wu

The recently completed WER Sports Rehab Center on the third floor of the Jiaming building is a worthy addition to one of the most elegant office towers in Beijing. WER is tapping into the emerging physical rehabilitation market in China, offering state of the art physical therapy services for injured athletes at this new facility.
The color palette plays an important role in defining the character of each space. Grey and blue tones used in the reception and private treatment rooms reflect the hygienic, professional nature of the medical industry, while orange tones used in the public training and changing rooms radiate energy and a sense of optimism that is ideal for fitness.
Upon entering, guests are greeted by a reception desk with a dark-tinted logo wall behind. The open waiting room provides several seating arrangements, each accompanied by wooden food and beverage carts, and is intended to be used for initial consultations. While the space does provide some privacy, it is open to the adjacent training room, offering potential clients a glimpse of healthy recovery through semi-transparent glass that allows plenty of natural light to permeate the space. In the training area, a variety of exercise machines are lined up along floor to ceiling mirrors and windows, making the space feel large and friendly, and enabling those exercising to study their reflected movements or enjoy the natural views outside. Orange tones on the ceilings and walls further enhance the uplifting, active atmosphere of the area.
Four private treatment rooms, identified by illuminated acrylic signage, and an office for the doctors can be accessed by a hallway that leads left from reception. In each treatment room, ample space around a specialized bed in the center allows the doctors to work freely with the patient. Featuring treated glass, wood cabinets, blue walls and large windows, these private rooms are elegant and scientific, housing the latest medical technologies in a space that feels cool and comfortable.
By integrating warm, dynamic areas with precise and pure spaces, anySCALE balanced the fitness and medical needs of the company, providing an innovative and inviting facility for WER to become a leader in the fledgling industry of physical rehabilitation in China.