Yahoo! Verizon Media

December, 2020
Design team
Andreas Thomczyk, Man Tseng Lui, Alex Li, Tracy Pan, Najia Wu
Kris Provoost

anySCALE's Verizon Hong Kong project comprises two floors in Devon House with stunning harbor and mountain views. The design approach had to reflect both levels' distinct corporate cultures, and the 27th floor is an office for Yahoo! Hong Kong, now part of Verizon Media. 
As a brand more familiar to its end-users, the Yahoo! office is home to a savvy workforce with a broadcast studio and homey pantry. One requirement was to have one entrance leading to the studio first and then the office. The design needed to be strictly separated because the studio is a relatively public space with high-profile media personalities inhabiting it at any time. anySCALE used an acoustic sound engineer and local studio specialists to help bring the world-class studio to life.
Flanked on both sides are open lounges for more collaborative workspaces, fostering teamwork. Furthermore, all meeting rooms along the facade in the corners have stunning views and eye-catching wallpaper; each one is entirely different, giving a sense of release over stunning harbor views. 
The heart of the Yahoo office is the pantry, a lively space with strong yellow color tones. Natural light seeps through the adjacent meeting rooms, and the white metal mesh ceiling makes the height feel taller. All booths have screens for meetings, and there are free-standing tables, stackable chairs, and a leather bench under a graphic mural for inspired coffee breaks. Overall, the design is well-organized and lively; something anySCALE wanted to achieve for the young people working for Yahoo!.

Verizon香港总部办公室,位于德宏大厦(Devon House)的两层楼,拥有迷人的海港和山脉景色。 anySCALE 用独特的手法,凸显及区分了两个楼层的企业文化,27楼是为Verizon Media旗下的Yahoo!香港打造的专属办公空间。