Garage Mode

As 2019 was a difficult year, everyone has to “roll up their sleeves and get into it,” said Andreas Thomczyk, founding partner of anySCALE, in a recent speech to company staff. The team at anySCALE gathered in front of garage containers, symbolizing that they have the tools to explore and put in the work for a prosperous 2020.

Macintosh team 1983

The power of optimism, team spirit, female power and various achievements has propelled anySCALE into surviving a downsizing economy where only the strongest survive.

While reducing expenses, anySCALE’s team continued to produce the same work, become more flexible and retain control. Having won many awards and created a series of beautiful design concepts and high-quality projects, the team continues to expand and innovate. anySCALE founders offered their thanks to the team, encouraging a curious and optimistic outlook to grow into a stronger team in 2020 through continued support and team spirit.

anySCALE team 2020