We Are Hiring

anySCALE provides design professionals the opportunity to work on prestigious internationally-acclaimed projects and experience a European office culture without having to book a flight out of PEK or PVG. With low turnover and high employee-satisfaction rates, the anySCALE family works with some of the biggest global brands as well as the newest exciting startups to create beautiful yet pragmatic spaces that enliven both occupants and visitors.


Now we are hiring across its Beijing + Shanghai offices for the following positions

2D Designer 
3D Designer
 :  Senior Designer
Graphic Designer
Assistant Accountant and Management 

The ideal candidates will be able to relate well with coworkers and clients in a multicultural work environment while successfully prioritizing and handling tasks under pressure. All profiles require good teamwork skills to steer projects against the day-to-day challenges that come with the territory of working in an exciting yet fast-paced market.


Additional Requirements



for 2D Designer

  • Advanced knowledge of design software tools including AutoCAD and able to develop whole set of Design Development Drawing and Construction Drawing / 精通AutoCAD, 可完成全套深化图纸及施工图设计
  • Able to independently follow up the project, communicate and coordinate with all involved parties during design process and ensure the design meets the related regulation/requirements. / 可独立进行项目跟进,并同设计中涉及的各方进行协调沟通,确保符合设计要求。


for 3D Designer

  • Advanced knowledge of rendering software applications including SketchUp, V-ray, Enscape etc. / 熟练掌握SketchUp, V-ray, Enscape等常用渲图软件
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop post-production tools for interior design and architectural rendering / 精通运用Adobe Photoshop对室内及建筑效果图的后期处理


for Senior Designer

  • 3 to 5 years of experience designing interior or architecture projects / 拥有三至五年室内或建筑设计项目经验
  • Able to deliver time-sensitive creative solutions that display an understanding of the construction process and its various constraints / 要求能够完成具有创意的设计方案,并且熟悉施工流程。
  • Experiences of leading design teams preferred but not necessary / 有领导设计团队经验者优先 


for Graphic Designer

  • Experience in Environmental Graphic Design / 环境及导视设计相关经验
  • Proficient in drawing to scale and understanding architectural drawings including plans, elevations, sections and details / 可以依照建筑图纸绘制合理正确的设计方案
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills / 善于交流
  • Effective in managing time deadlines / 有效的管理时间期限
  • Proactive attitude with a willingness to learn, develop new skills and take on a variety of project types / 具有积极主动的工作态度,从不同种类项目中学习和发展新技能
  • Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD tools and SketchUp is a plus. / 精通InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD、SketchUp及3D软件技能从优
  • Excellent design, visual communication and conceptual thinking skills / 出色的设计、视觉传达和概念思维能力
  • Conscientious, organized, thorough and highly detail minded / 认真、有条理、注重细节并能精确准备设计及制作文件


for Assistant Accountant and  Management

  • English and Chinese language skills / 英语和中文语言能力
  • Translation of certain documents from Chinese to English / 将某些文件从中文翻译成英文
  • Excellent Skills With Microsoft Office / 熟练使用Microsoft Office
  • Payroll Experience / 薪资经验
  • Experience in Balance Sheet Account Preparation / 有资产负债表帐户准备工作的经验
  • Strong Bookkeeping Skills / 掌握簿记技巧
  • Associate's Degree in Business Administration or Related Field or Equivalent Work Experience / 工商管理或相关领域副学士学位或同等工作经验优先考虑

Please send your Chinese+English resume and design portfolio to: