Founding Partners

How it happened

The three anySCALE partners, Karin, Tom and Andreas, have known and worked with each other for over a decade in Beijing, first coming together as coworkers in their previous company. It didn’t take long for them to discover that they shared similar views and standards when it came to areas of design, business, and life in general. Raising young families and with their children attending the same school, they in particular share an affinity for certain life values such as leading a healthy lifestyle and designing considerately for the next generation. In 2011 the three friends decided to embark on their own adventure by founding SCALE in Hong Kong, the mother company of anySCALE. One year later anySCALE was founded in Beijing. Most recently the company is proud to announce it’s latest addition of anySCALE Shanghai in 2016.



Andreas Thomczyk
Founding partner

Andi's designs are pure and crisp in style. He distills each client’s character and background into a few simple focal points, then logically develops them into a cozy and stylish environment. With over 20 years of experience in architecture and design, Andi has worked on a wide range of projects varying from residential to corporate. Prior to founding anySCALE Andi ran his own architecture offices in Europe and worked with Baumschlager & Eberle Architects in Beijing. From 2006 to 2011 Andi led the design department of Mi2 Architect, Interior Design & Project. Andi has won over 45 competitions / awards for his designs during his career.

Andi的设计具有纯粹、清爽的风格。他将每位客户的性格及背景提炼并归结为几个简单的焦点,然后,合乎逻辑地将它们发展成一个舒适且时尚的环境。拥有二十多年的建筑及设计经验,Andi从事过各种项目,从住宅到公司,范围相当广泛。在成立任督设计之前,Andi在欧洲经营着他自己的建筑事务所,也曾在北京Baumschlager & Eberle Architects工作过。从2006年至2011年,Andi主管Mi2 Architect、Interior Design & Project的设计部。在其职业生涯中,Andi已经因其设计获得过45项竞赛/奖项。

Karin Hepp 
Founding partner

 Karin’s experience in architecture and interior design spans over a decade and three countries, ranging from residential villas and museum exhibitions to warehouse showrooms and offices designs. She likes to have engaging discussions with clients in order to bring out delicate designs that suit each client’s character and corporate culture. Karin obtained her Masters in Architecture at Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Karin won the „Tische“ scholarship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery in 2002, and in 2009 she became LEED Associate Professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Prior to founding anySCALE in 2012 Karin had worked with several architecture companies; querkraft in Vienna, Tony Fretton in London, Baumschlager & Eberle in both Vienna and Beijing and Mi2 in Beijing. Karin also set up Delfine Architects in 2004 in Vienna held a post at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (CAFA). Karin has won over 35 competitions / awards for her designs during her career.

Karin在建筑及室内设计方面拥有十多年经验,遍及三个国家,涉及范围从住宅别墅、博物馆展厅到仓库、陈列室与办公室设计。其喜欢与客户进行讨论,以便找到适合每位客户性格与企业文化的精致设计。Karin在奥地利维也纳技术大学获得建筑学硕士学位。其于2002年从奥地利联邦总理府获得“Tische”奖学金,并于2009年成为LEED(能源与环境设计认证)准专业人士。在于2012年成立任督设计之前,Karin曾在几家建筑公司工作过:维也纳querkraft、伦敦Tony Fretton、维也纳及北京Baumschlager & Eberle以及北京Mi2。Karin还于2004年在维也纳创立Delfine Architects并在北京中央美术学院(CAFA)担任职务。在其职业生涯中,Karin已经因其设计获得过35项竞赛/奖项。

Tom Chan
Founding partner

Audacious and playful are two great words to describe Tom who thrives on turning daring ideas into exciting and practical designs. Initially trained as a graphic designer Tom enjoys injecting fun elements into his projects, whether it be the bright colour scheme of an office or a cute sheep-shaped magazine rack in a break area. Always staying on top of the latest trends Tom is able to integrate well with the young, metropolitan Chinese peer groups and innately understands their design and lifestyle requirements. Tom graduated from Beijing‘s Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design. Prior to joining anySCALE as a partner Tom had worked for over 10 years at Mi2 Architect, Interior Design & Project. As their creative director he helped the former American design firm established Mi2’s operations in China in 2002. Tom has won over 35 competitions / awards for his designs during his career.

“大胆”和“有趣”这两个词用来形容Tom简直是极好的,其常常能让大胆的想法变成令人激动和实用的设计。最初作为平面设计师接受培训时,Tom就喜欢将有趣的元素注入其项目中,无论是办公室的明亮色调搭配还是休息区域的可爱羊形杂志架,其都能处理得恰如其分。总是保持走在潮流的最前端,Tom能够很好地融入中国年轻的都市人群,其有着与生俱来的能力,能够很好地理解他们的设计和生活方式需求。Tom毕业于北京清华大学美术学院。在作为合伙人加入任督设计之前,Tom曾在Mi2 Architect、Interior Design & Project工作十多年。作为他们的创意总监,其帮助前美国设计公司确立2002年Mi2的在华业务。