G-Class Experience Center

April, 2023
Mercedes-Benz China
800 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Silvia Campi, Yilun Li , Alex Xu, Esther Wang, Yumi Zhang, Julia Jiang, Joy Qiao
Vincent Wu
Filippo Cardella
Lighting design
Studio Illumine

Located in the city of Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, the G Studio is an immersive experience center that embodies the diverse personalities of the Mercedes G-Class brand. Guests can visit this interactive space to test-drive the G-Class at the track or surrounding mountains and customize the vehicle to fit their unique preferences.
The design concept for the G Studio needed to be rugged and outdoorsy but also upscale and premium, reflecting the character of a car designed for adventure which is now also catering towards a luxury market.
The G Studio features unique installations that represent natural elements, such as the 45-degree “rock” ramp and the branded 'Ice Wall,' which showcase the car's off-road capabilities and ability to conquer extreme terrain. Meanwhile, a massive graffiti mural on the other side of the studio reflects a metropolitan environment, embodying the brand’s more recent, urban focus.
A cozy, chalet-like lounge embraces the G-Class’s Austrian roots and provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some refreshments after a long drive. Here, guests can also learn about the car's history and appreciate its timeless design on the “History Wall”. The industrial-looking “Manufaktur Lab” enables customers to tailor their vehicles as though they were a craftsman in a workshop, where they can select different leather samples, finishings, and optional accessories, configured in real-time on an interactive screen.
The second floor hosts a premium, modern lounge that connects the G Studio to the outdoor track. The configuration can be changed for different activities, making it a versatile space for presentations, parties, product launches, and more.
Merging adventure and street style, tradition and innovation, luxury and craftsmanship, the G-Studio is an experience to remember.

舒适的木屋格调休息区反映了G级越野车的奥地利源头,是驾驶后放松和享用茶点的理想场所。在此,访客可以了解汽车的历史,欣赏品牌汽车的设计。工业风格的“制造工作室(Manufaktur Lab)”让访客可以像工匠一样精心定制专属车辆,从皮革样品、饰面、汽车配件到交互屏幕上的整体搭配体验,为车迷打造了全方位的体验过程。