YRD Hi-Tech Park Gym

December, 2021
YRD Hi-Tech Park
505 sqm
Design Team
Simon Berg, Yumin Pua, Sek Chow, Lemon Lv, Emma Qi, Tiger Li
Vincent Wu

A good work life balance is a key for success of each individual working or living at YRD Hi-Tech Park.
The community sports club is a space that provides tenants the opportunity to have a break and escape from their work routine for an hour or two or just refresh before the upcoming tasks of the day ahead. The sports club provides a facility for individual cardio or weight lifting training and classrooms for lighter activities such as Yoga or PingPong. The sports club is fully equipped with showers and changing room facilities to refresh after your daily dose of movement.
One of the main design features is the barrel vault inspired metal mesh ceiling spanning over the main training area. It has integrated linear lighting and creates a very focused yet energizing training atmosphere. The sporty PVC flooring is finished in YRD Hi-Tech Park’s corporate hue of blue with an integrated running track and  floor markings inspired by traditional gym spaces.

面向社区开放的健身俱乐部,为租户提供舒适的运动场所,以舒缓日常工作带来的压力,又或者,为身体恢复活力,以饱满姿态,迎接即将到来的挑战。 在这里,我们为个人有氧训练提供了专业的器械,并为瑜伽或乒乓球等轻量级运动提供了教学教室。 配备齐全的淋浴间和更衣室设施,让您在每天运动后整理仪表,恢复活力。
设计师采用简洁的的中世纪艺术拱顶风格,采用金属网的材质营造连续的拱顶天花,跨越了整个开放的训练区域。 同时还内置了线性照明,营造了一种和谐专注而又能量饱满的训练氛围。 运动型 PVC 地板采用长三角赵巷新兴产业园的品牌颜色,受到经典健身房启发,地面采用更简约的设计语言,集成了跑道标记以及运动区域符号,并就此形成独特的视觉导视。