Keep Dancing

No one has thought that the story of 2020 would start in this way. This unexpected pandemic made everyone face a completely different world ever experienced before, including anySCALE.

By realizing the problem and accepting the facts, we started to learn and got forced to get used to the way of working and communicating in between screens, wearing masks in all the pictures taken in daily life; subsequently we started to accept working home based, the slower pace made people think more.

However, what we could do is MORE. Although with longer distance, we feel that we could be even closer, we believe in the same values, the same power, we explore, we experiment, we try to be forward thinking and on top of the newest technology. We keep our blood and our mind always fresh and young. The distance hasn’t become an obstacle here, on the other hand, it makes our stage extend even larger and wider.We encountered more new faces, the young talent made us even stronger than before; we experienced ups and downs together, more important is that we never gave up.

we treasure what we own and we support each other to travel even further and reach to a higher destination.

Now people like to call it “the lost/stolen two years”, however, we never forget what we have experienced in these moments, those growing up moments, those rewarding moments, those challenging moments, those touching moments, those exciting moments, those remarkable moment; and those who entrusted us, supported us and rewarded us. Day and night, little by little, we shared those moments among us.

What is anySCALE? We are anySCALE.

No need to fear about cold winter, because we know Spring will always come.