The 2021 edition of Shenzhen Design Week at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center saw anySCALE bringing together two long-term clients, MATSU and ZWYN, for a unique co-branding experience booth design.

The seemingly disparate brands, MATSU, a leading company in high-end office furniture, and ZWYN, a fitness company for trend-conscious urbanites, were united under the event name '1+1' and event theme 'Break Limit, Follow Flow.'

The booth display proved how future work environments could combine stylish designs with a culture of working out; essentially, anySCALE's vision for future offices where employees can work, exercise, escape and expand. 

At the exhibition site, MATSU cooperated with ZWYN to create a multifaceted experience through furniture displays, activities, music, and health drinks. anySCALE occupied one corner of the booth where a video played talking-head style interviews with the brand's leaders who ruminated on their design philosophies and the thinking behind the successful collaboration.