Shenzhen Design Week 2022

anySCALE featured prominently at Shenzhen Creative Design Week 2022, where we showcased this year’s ICONIC award-winning projects with a unique booth display, and co-founder Tom Chan gave two speeches at the request of the German Design Council and the International Architecture and Design Association.


Our “In the Eye of the Crocodile” booth garnered much attention. The dark grey metal box was shaped to resemble the open mouth of a crocodile with large jagged teeth. Each “tooth” was a brightly illuminated still of this year’s ICONIC award-winning projects – Shum Yip Showroom, YRD Hi-Tech Park Canteen, Huatai Securities Private Banking Center, and Porsche Showroom in Guangzhou. Visitors could take a closer look at these projects by peeping into the “eye” of the crocodile, which houses an interactive slideshow.

During the first day of the fair, Tom Chan spoke at the German Design Council’s ICONIC Trends forum about supporting our long-term clients and adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic.


After working at home for so long, he emphasized the importance of bringing home to the office. The following day, Tom expanded on the concept of creating a sense of belonging through design during his speech for the International Architecture and Design Association.

anySCALE’s notable presence at this year’s Shenzhen Creative Design Week exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovative design that adapts to the needs of its clients and users during difficult and uncertain times.