Red Dot Award – Porsche HQ

We are happy to announce that anySCALE's design concept for Porsche‘s new China headquarters has won a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020! It is the most prestigious design competition in the world based in Essen, Germany.

This year, the renowned contest comprised leading industry experts from over 60 countries, who decided that among over the 6,500 entries, Porsche's new office in Lu Jia Zui Financial Plaza met the required standards of quality and innovation. The adjudication process can last several days, and for Red Dot Juror and tangerine CEO Martin Darbyshire, the elements that play the most significant role during evaluation are that of functionality and aesthetics.  

The office space design drew from two key hallmarks of the Porsche brand: speed and passion. For example, in the reception area, we constructed a Porsche car model timeline on the wall, an engine block display, a trophy cabinet, and shelves containing scale models. Most eye-catching of all, we installed a 1:1 scale mock-up of a Porsche 919 series racecar. Even the staircase evokes these themes, serving as a central meeting point for guests while fostering further collaboration between employees. 

The New Porsche S.P.A.C.E 4.0 also boasts a WELL Certification to advance health and wellbeing in buildings globally. It is vital for us at anySCALE to make sure all Porsche Shanghai employees are fit and happy, surrounded by innovative design in an environment of wellbeing.

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