Red Dot Award – UJOY Prime

We are delighted to announce that anySCALE's design concept for UJOY Prime has won a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 – the most prestigious design competition in the world based in Essen, Germany!

A panel of roughly forty international design experts from various industries selected, among thousands of entries, the UJOY Prime project as an outstanding collaboration that met the requisite standards of quality, innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. The award represents both brands' hard work and commitment to not only upgrade the UJOY brand but to establish UJOY Prime as a supplement premium fitness brand that offers better equipment and services in a more beautiful space. 

The main gym is a beacon of minimal design cool taking up two floors of the newly-managed Phoenix shopping mall surrounded by a high-end residential neighborhood. Additionally, UJOY Prime's exclusive brand concept and branding package has set a new benchmark for fully-integrated fitness facilities where the once-dominant stigma of the 'gym as man's territory' is being challenged. 

"While gyms are usually seen as places where more men go, we wanted to design a space that caters to both men and women," says anySCALE founder Andreas Thomczyk. 

Perhaps this is best exemplified by the striking color palette of pale pink, Granny Smith apple-green, and warm chocolate gold, which evoke a powerful sense of femininity while emphasizing the elite qualities of the gym, bringing the concept full-circle. 

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