Better Fitness



Hunan Province

1388 sqm
Design team
Simon Berg, Yuanyuan Lin, Autumn Yang
Xia Zhi

anySCALE’s fitness-themed interior design project in Central China saw the team create an empowering space in Hunan province. The theme of turning raw into cooked sees strong and minimalistic concrete, a metaphor for untrained muscles, meet light metal mesh and warm color tones, an energetic body and mind.
The design highlight are the hanging shelves made of pink, blue, green, and silver perforated metal mesh, designed to free up floor space for training and introduce a unique visual structure to the space. The translucent screen effect is dramatically heightened by the mirror paneling on the walls, the space echoed in the mirrors thus creating an infinite 3D kaleidoscope experience made even more engaging and positive with motivational backlit quotes on the mirrors. The fixtures also serve a practical purpose, accommodating several storage nooks and benches for breaks. Rounding out the space, the PVC floor marked with graphic inlays inspired by traditional gyms mark out various zones, altogether resulting in a bold yet clean aesthetic.