car2go Office




613 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Alex Xu, Tina Tian
Xia Zhi

The smaller “sister” car2go was referred to anySCALE by its “mother” company Daimler. The task was to design car2go’s first office in mainland China within an office tower widely used by the mother company’s different departments. The challenge here was to understand both car2go’s need to present an independent and unique brand image to their open-minded customers while staying in line with the mother company’s own brand image which lays more emphasis on longevity and timeless elegance.

Our concept was almost set by the clear definition of space- a belt of facilities sections off the space into an inner part which is cozier, more social, more communicative and the outer part, which is brighter, serving those who need to work on a specific task. Some of the shared facilities are kept open to both sides others serving either side only. Overall, we have significantly increased utility of those areas where the working environment encourages people to share and communicate their work with others versus a traditional working set up comprising of tables and chairs.

Colours and surfaces follow the brands image- white, light blue and grey tones form the colour backbone of the space, all of this freshened up by poppy orange and yellow tones appropriately scattered across the backdrop. Natural wood and plants in certain areas do give the space the feel of a coffee shop which underscores how car2go serves those who work and live in metropolitan areas.

“年轻的小妹妹”car2go这个品牌是由其母公司戴姆勒引荐给anySCALE的,其设计任务是在被母公司戴姆勒各部门广泛使用的办公楼中设计car2go品牌在中国大陆的首个办公室 。设计过程中的挑战在于理解领会car2go面向其思维开拓的目标客户群体展现其品牌完全独立且独一无二的形象需求,同时与其母公司更着重于经久不衰,永恒典雅的品牌形象融会贯通,相辅相成。

我们的设计概念几乎被清晰的空间定义所设定:长条形的设备功区将空间分隔成内外两部分,内部区域更为惬意舒适,适合社交及沟通活动,外部区域则更为明亮,适合需要独立空间的特殊工作人群。部分共享设施保留在方便于两区域人群使用的开放地带,而每个区域亦拥有只限单一使用的设施设备。总体而言,相较于传统意义上的桌椅板凳常规排布, 我们的设计理念大幅度的提升了空间使用率,尽可能多的创造鼓励人们分享交流并社交互动的工作环境区域及平台。