CR Land HDT Showroom



CR Land



1080 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Guopeng Qin, Ada Chen
Sensor Images
Red Dot Award 2021
Iconic Award 2021

HDT Showroom is a permanent display center showcasing CR Land's architectural identity through its landmark architecture. From the outset, the design approach for this project was unrelated to any other existing project. The team used a white and wood color scheme to emphasize the character of a warm and attractive contemporary art museum. The building's silhouette further enhances the space's volume while consolidating its visual impact with its columns and beams.

A striking semi-transparency was achieved using materials like ribbed glass and a thin wood-metal tube wall. The combination of artificial and natural light also played a vital role in space perception, resembling a large artwork installation to be admired from multiple perspectives. Most interestingly, the project establishes a constant two-way dialogue between interior and exterior space. Trees and plants outside cast organic shadows inside, creating new textures, translucency, and overall light fluency. Finally, the team integrated a black and white artistic mirror projection into the second floor's semi-open white box. This created a unique lunar shadow scenario for another layer of light-filled vitality that matched the space's aesthetic beauty.