Matsu Shenzhen Showroom






800 sqm
Design Team
Simon Berg, Pua Yumin, Ruby Xu, Tiger Li
Sensor Images

Having already collaborated with MATSU for showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai, the concept for Shenzhen was to provide a Container of Dreams for visitors to better experience the brand's furniture designs with design space elements inspired by the region. The main challenge was to create a high contrasting fresh-light environment, showing how high-end offices with executive furniture designs could help customers envision their future workplace.
Taking inspiration from the dreamy, distant views of Hong Kong's New Territories on the other side of the Shenzhen River, Harbor & Sea focuses on the roughness, texture, and colors of Shenzhen Bay's harbor. The use of industrial surfaces like corrugated iron sheets references large shipping containers while playing with scale, creating a perfect backdrop for sophisticated furnishings and products.
The Harbor & Sea theme also harks back to the beginning of MATSU's furniture import history from Germany to China via large shipping containers. Known as the 'City of Dreams' and a technological oasis, Shenzhen has come to represent the hopes for progress and a better life for many Chinese. South China Vibes highlights one of the country's greenest cities by focusing on its subtropical elements, serving as the basis for the design through choice of materials, colors, and greenery.
The showroom's heart is a communal area that includes a large living room table and a kitchen niche to the side. This space serves as a 'social hub' for the Shenzhen design scene, which can host a wide variety of events. To compensate for the low ceiling height in this area, the team developed a modular tinted glass ceiling with integrated lighting for an airy, summery atmosphere or even a starlit sky depending on the type of occasion.
Furthermore, the showroom was developed as a sequence of visually connected spaces, encouraging customers to explore each room one by one at leisure. Spaces that require more privacy can be divided by large hangar-like industrial sliding doors. Some areas are overlayed with nautical design features, reminding people of the city's origins that inspired the showroom.