CR Land

Jinan No.16 Showroom



CR Land


Ji Nan

1,080 sqm
Design team
Tom Chan, Guopeng Qin, Ada Chen, Tongtong Xu
Vincent Wu

Targeting a younger audience, CR Land's Jinan No.16 Showroom is the second showroom designed by anySCALE for the company. Rectangular in shape, the forward-thinking design features two parallel thick black glass walls that hide the original site's unsightly support beams. One of the walls features a modern and fully functional cabinet that "floats" between floor and ceiling. 
The entire space features three main sections, including the showroom, an activity area, and a display area. Secondary spaces include the reception, lounge area, VIP meeting room, office mock-up, and other supplementary areas. A harmonizing black, white, and grey color palette dominates throughout, tied together by the bright metallic grey Bolon woven vinyl flooring. Double glazed white glass illuminates the semi-transparent black walls for an atmosphere of mystery with a futuristic twist. 
A minimalist ceiling design with artificial skylights provides warm "natural" white light, which works in tandem with the RGB-based color LED lighting system for special occasions. One corner of the space features a full-sized model of a loft office, a product display module with two floors. The loft's style follows a modern design approach to minimalism and functionality with a solid light beam structure on the ceiling that illuminates both sides—one of the project's most eye-catching features. 
Aside from the sales center and corporate display showroom, this unique space is designed to foster a sense of sharing and communication with limitless possibilities. A symbol of seamless forward-thinking design, ready to embrace the future.