CP Group Office



CP Group



1,879 sqm
Design team
Andreas Thomczyk, Karrie Hou, Julia Jiang
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Red Dot Award 2021
Iconic Award 2021

Developed by Thai conglomerate CP Group, Zhengda Center shares its premier location in Beijing's Chaoyang CBD with iconic landmarks such as the CCTV Tower, China World Trade Center, and Beijing CITIC Tower. Also known as the CP Center Twin Tower Complex, it consists of two 238-meter tall office towers, one of which serves as CP Group's main headquarters. anySCALE designed a tasteful, high-quality office for the entire 1,500 sqm net area of the North Tower's 39th floor.
"We needed to design something that looked very open but still fulfilled the needs of the client," recalls anySCALE Managing Partner Andreas Thomczyk. The thinking was to keep the floor's best corners as co-working facilities. The leaders would then have their enclosed and private offices away from those corners. The office's southside comprises a public area for guests, a reception area, a conference room, and small meeting rooms. The co-working stations in the northwest, northeast, and southeast corners feature angled tables with some of the most impressive city views.
Sleek, neat vertical profile metal panels adorn the walls from the elevator hall to the reception area. For corporate ambiance, a combination of dark gold-grey metal and black stained wood, infused with a grey base color tone, was chosen with color highlights and 3D modulated walls. Distinguished by rug colors, the separate waiting areas have semi-transparent freestanding frames to divide them. The night blue rug is the biggest opposite the reception desk. The green and pink rugs serve four and two persons, respectively. "This way, the receptionist knows what's going on, and the customers don't feel isolated," Thomczyk says. "So, it's potentially quite a communicative situation."
The reception area features terrazzo tile flooring with glass walls to fill the space with as much natural light as possible. Behind the vertical wooden slats, an LED screen shows movies keeping things modern, lively, and engaging. Lastly, between the circular-square corridor and the open office on the northside, the pantry includes a world map on the wall to show customers where CP Group operates worldwide.

“我们期望创作出一些看起来开放,但实际上仍可以满足客户需求的设计。”anySCALE执行合伙人Andreas Thomczyk谈道。我们的设计理念是将整个楼层拥有最佳视野的角落作为共享办公区域。公司高层则拥有相对独立且较为私密的办公室。楼层南侧的功能分布包括了访客等候公共区、前台、大型会议室以及小型会议室。西北、东北以及东南角落的共享办公角落则放置了异形办公桌,令员工在工作之余亦可尽享窗外壮观的城市美景。