Mercedes me Beijing Upgrade






2,500 sqm
Design team
Karin Hepp, Erica Borsa
Xia Zhi

First opened two years ago, Beijing's Mercedes me was recently underwent some changes to bring its design and experience up-to-date and at par with the new Shanghai Mme. Now cozier with an updated palette of colors and a fresh feel, the Mme refurbishment hasn't gone unnoticed, with footfalls already up. The updated Beijing Mme introduces several changes-more nooks for meet-ups, a new lounge area, a switched-up bar counter made of marble and wood, and a new addition to the VIP dining area with even more privacy for all the VIP sections. The overall lighting scheme was redone to create a warmer ambience, and acoustics set-ups were changed to improve overall audio experience throughout the store. Since the Mme is in Sanlitun, Beijing's busiest commercial district, it was not feasible to shut down the entire venue for the project. Thus, the team focused on making a strong design difference without extensive renovations. The project's main materials included the use of high-end, specially detailed materials such as wood, marble and leather.