Mercedes-Benz EQC Showrooms





Beijing / Shanghai

200-400 sqm
Design team
Andreas Thomczyk, Fangfei Wu
Sensor Images

Through design concepts that displayed creativity and imagination, anySCALE won the pitch to design Mercedes-Benz's first three exclusive showrooms for its fully-electric compact luxury SUV, the EQC.
Before settling on the central design concept, it was essential to consider the brand's essence for moving into the electronic car market. In 1886, Carl applied for a patent for his "vehicle powered by a gas engine." For Mercedes, the EQC echoes the same sort of technological revolution, a new beginning for the next 130 years. 
"Our idea was to create something unforgettable," says anySCALE Managing Partner, Andreas Thomczyk. "If you have a new product, it needs to leave an impression." 
In short, the new showrooms needed to be completely different from what had gone before. The SUV concept has its roots as an outdoor alternative to a regular family sedan or wagon. So the team looked at large-scale art, taking inspiration from the art installations of Olafur Eliasson and Anish Kapoor. 
"I had a vision of the EQC in a rough, almost empty environment," says Thomczyk. "I was thinking about art galleries where the artwork stands out but in a space that's rougher."
The flagship showroom is in a new high-end shopping mall on the World Finance Center's ground floor in Beijing. The exterior looks out over an intersection with a large LED screen on top, showing brand logos and product videos. There are two main entrances, and the space is big enough to house three cars. 
To highlight the cars better as focused works of art, the team installed black island flooring where the cars sit, illuminating them from all angles. Smooth curved lines separate both floors, which are bordered by custom-designed blue strip lights. The back wall features large display screens also custom-designed for easy brand scaling. The screens are mirrored on the EQC's dashboard, broadcasting ads and sharing information with customers.The color scheme is a dark chocolate metal that mostly features the sides, including in the kitchenette and sofa area, which serve as casual talk stations.

凭借创新十足的设计概念,anySCALE一举获得梅赛德斯-奔驰首批三家纯电动SUV系列展厅的室内设计任务 - the EQC。
anySCALE执行合伙人Andreas Thomczyk言道:“我们的想法是打造令人印象深刻的设计。特别是当你做一款全新产品的展示时,它需要令人过目不忘。”
新展厅的设计需要打破常规,颠覆已有的陈列模式。该款SUV的设计初衷是可以取代轿车及旅行车,为家庭提供更具户外越野功能的出行方式;因此,我们的设计团队从大型的艺术展陈作品中寻找线索,由Olafur Eliasson 及 Anish Kapoor 的艺术装置作品中汲取灵感。