SASU Vienna

October, 2021
Vienna, Austria
51 sqm
Design Team
Karin Hepp
Hertha Hurnaus

Austrian lifestyle company SASU has recently expanded, opening two new shops in the capital city of Vienna and the Spanish island of Mallorca. anySCALE was entrusted with the interior design of the two new store locations, helping to establish a fresh presence for the brand’s trendy, sustainable products in these historic city centers.
SASU Vienna is on the ground floor of a century old commercial building in the downtown area. The shop layout was adapted to the preexisting configuration that has a square space up front and a narrow space in the back. Inheriting the traditional façade, deep shop windows framed by original dark green wood accommodate freestanding displays, inviting the customer to take a look at the “pretty things inside.”
Apart from a low, freestanding centerpiece, the center of the customer space is kept open to allow comfortable movement in the relatively small store. Most of the displays are along the lateral walls, housing SASU’s lifestyle products of various shapes, sizes and materials. To optimize these display areas, anySCALE played with a combination of different display types, sizes and densities. Custom wooden shelves, cabinets, drawers and glass window boxes were made from locally sourced vintage furniture pieces, specially tailored to display the diverse merchandise. The backwall features an eggshell color that complements the wood shelves, which adds to the warm, feminine atmosphere. A decorative pendant light hangs from an arch above the cashier’s table, highlighting the packaging nook that serves as a buffer between the public and private spaces. The realized design imbues the space with an old and homy feeling that fits the city and the brand.
Completed by anySCALE’s Mallorca office, the SASU Vienna project represents an exciting first step into the European market. In realizing this concept, anySCALE was able to implement an original retail design that complements the rich character of Vienna and SASU. 

奥地利生活方式品牌 SASU近期实现了扩张,在首都维也纳和西班牙马略卡岛设立了两家新店。 anySCALE受托负责两家新店的室内设计,致力于在两座历史悠久的城市中心,为品牌打造年轻潮流、可持续发展的全新门店形象。