SOHO 3Q Nanjing



SOHO China



6,000 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Tracy Pan, Jason Zhang
Courtesy of SOHO China

SOHO’s coworking business’s entry into Nanjing comes in form of a glitzy location in a premier business development area, with the 3Q as the anchor tenant in a high-end shopping mall.
Developed on a generously-sized area on the 4thfloor, the 3Q wraps around both the open and enclosed atriums and is linked to retail areas on floors below.
The 3Q was constructed according to the client’s standard density, space use, and efficiency requirements while tackling the challenge of limited natural lighting – a common tradeoff of mall architecture. Since 3Q projects usually involve the process of redefining areas originally earmarked for retail, the design process often involves some divergent thinking to create charming yet productive work environments. Open working spaces were allocated towards the center of the 3Q away from the outer façade and inner atrium. Raised using podiums, these elevated islands were provided with designated entrances, making the rooms feel more exclusive.