WAB FloW21



Western Academy of Beijing



1,500 sqm
Design team
Karin Hepp, Erica Borsa, Frannie Yuan, Julia Jiang, Joy Qiao
Kim Wendt

The Western Academy of Beijing has defined 21 key objectives and understandings that will guide students and teachers into the school’s future of learning. It is stipulated in their program called FLoW21. For this project anySCALE design team has collaborated with Copenhagen based Rosan Bosch Studio who has been leading strategic and concept design for the prototype learning landscapes.
The project integrates differentiated and variable spaces that support the school’s FLoW21 targets for team-teaching, flexible learning groups, mentorship and individualized timetables. Differentiated spaces enable both students and teachers in the learning community to work flexible along the Ways of Knowing.
In a first step these new prototype areas were implemented at middle school and high school aiming for a greater transformation of the entire campus.
Strategic and Concept Design by Rosan Bosch Studio.