Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong HQ





Hong Kong

1,650 sqm
Design team
Andreas Thomczyk, Man Tseng Lui, Karin Hepp, Erica Borsa
CreatAR images

The new Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Hong Kong is located in a former warehouse for Chivas Regal whiskey and other goods, which set the tone for our initial design approach. Different from traditional headquarters, the office creatively defines luxury through splendid views over the bay, an open loft-style working environment and various casual activity areas spread over two floors, all set against an industrial yet welcoming warehouse environment.
Based on our designers’ understanding of the brand’s motto, “The Best or Nothing,” we have created an office free of hierarchies that fosters collaboration and cross-border communication. A palate of surfaces including black, wood notes and orange and grey tones, all of which are embedded into the white tonality of the existing concrete structure of the warehouse, represent the brand’s elegance and corporate style, Highlights are created with the use of color accents from custom artwork installations, carefully selected product images and a number of specially selected colorful furniture and light installations.

梅赛德斯-奔驰全新香港总部办公室的建筑前身是用来存储芝华士(Chivas Regal)威士忌的旧仓库,这为我们的初始设计理念奠定了大体的基调。这个空间直面海湾,地理位置绝佳,窗外海景一览无余,无形中将奢华一词进行了自然而巧妙的定义。整体开放的loft式办公氛围,在两层楼均设置休闲活动区,这让整个办公空间在带有工业风的同时亦不乏亲和力,与建筑原身是仓库这一背景紧密契合。
基于对奔驰品牌格言“心所向,持以恒 (The Best or Nothing)”的理解,设计师将办公空间设计成为打破等级制度、增进跨部门跨界协作及交流的开放空间。由黑色、木色、橘色及灰色组成的饰面材料,如调色盘般将不同彩色和肌理镶嵌入仓库自身白色的混凝土结构中,体现了品牌高贵典雅的企业特色。定制的艺术装饰、精心挑选的产品图片,以及特殊挑选的彩色家具及装饰灯具,也成为了空间中层层迭起的设计亮点。