UNI JOY Under Construction

Set to bring an incomparable experience to Joy City’s patrons very soon, lifestyle curator Modern Sky Lab are already setting themselves apart with their storefront construction panels. 

Panels showing Uni Joy and Modernsky branding

Though designed in-house by the company rather than coming from anySCALE, the team nevertheless admires Modern Sky’s commitment to their brand and meticulousness.

Bright, zippy, and brimming with detail, these panels are designed to elicit excitement.

especially in those who are passionate about art, street style, and hip-hop. An oft-neglected element in China, brands or mall management either go for unappealing metal sheets and strand boards or do the bare minimum in branding – oftentimes using just a simple logo or images from the latest campaign.

Upon completion, Modern Sky’s Uni Joy commercial space (designed by anySCALE) will house 12 creative, urban, and rap culture-inspired brands and establishments, including a few pleasant surprises for Beijingers. In keeping with its roots, Modern Sky’s Joy City location will also include an entertainment area reserved for parties and events.

Bold yet palatable yellow with trendily-styled cartoons splashed across it.