Women Entrepreneur India

anySCALE partner Karin Hepp was recently interviewed by Women Entrepreneur India magazine, a platform dedicated to promoting extraordinary female leaders from around the world. The “Women Architects in Asia” article touted Karin as a talented designer and one of the savviest businesswomen working in the industry.
During the interview, Karin shares her experience of working to become a successful entrepreneur through a decade of dedication to the architecture and design field in Asia and Europe. The discussion touched upon the challenges of navigating a dynamic business world and the rewarding aspects of bridging the gap between East and West by designing award-winning spaces in a variety of domains.
The conversation then turned to the future of the industry, discussing changes in design that are driven by the evolution of conditions and surroundings. Karin credits some of her success to being open minded, adaptable, and willing to explore new possibilities, but emphasizes the importance of a consistent approach of authenticity and perseverance above all.
On a final note, Karin offered some further advice to young women who aspire to have both successful businesses and families. The co-owner and proud mother of three says: “Work and family mustn’t be seen as a contradiction… If you do it right, you can be a successful businesswoman and an excellent family member”.