BMW iSpace

BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited
1,007 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, MT Lui, Huo Ran, Eddie Liu, Yao Wang, Spectrum (MEP design)
Kris Provoost
German Design Award 2023

anySCALE designed the BMW iSpace for the urban environment of Hong Kong, inviting the daily traffic of office workers to relax in the comfortable showroom. Lights, layers, and mirrors were integrated throughout the CI design to accentuate the space and highlight BMW’s latest electric vehicles.
The flexible façade, created by shining colored lights through layers of semi-transparent glass, stands out amongst the glutton of shop fronts, beckoning visitors towards its recessed entrance that offers protection from the city's frequent rain. Inside, a warm coffee bar greets visitors who are welcome to sip their beverages in the cozy lounges amongst the vehicles and LED displays. To promote BMW’s new Mini E and BMW E vehicles, separate product niches were created between the pillars of the showroom, using metal mesh and mirrors to make the spaces larger and more abstract.
Radial metal mesh panels and lighting were added above a curving road to accentuate the unique semi-circular shape of the showroom. This installation overlays a rugged industrial roof, which contrasts with the design’s rich craftsmanship. One vehicle display (inspired by French artist Daniel Buren) features vertical strips of mirror layered along the curved wall, offering interesting reflections from different angles. From the wood paneling of the corporate lounge to the recreated BMW hood and stone basins of the restroom, the finishes are precise and pure. Light greys and soft blues set the tone for this elegant corporate interior.
The BMW iSpace reflects anySCALE’s innovation, rethinking the way attractive showrooms are designed for the next generation of customers.

anySCALE设计了BMW iSpace纯电车旗舰店,特别根据中国香港特殊的城市环境,为每日通勤的上班族提供舒适且放松身心的展厅空间。变换的光线、丰富的层次,以及灵动的镜面等元素在空间中的相互融合,突出了BMW最新纯电汽车的品牌特性。
外立面在半透明玻璃外墙中透出变幻的彩色灯光,为店铺门头的设计增添了灵活性,也让iSpace在众多临街店铺中脱颖而出。内嵌式的入口设计,对过往的行人发出进店探索的邀请,考虑到香港阴晴不定的天气,兼顾了避雨的可能性,呵护着店内的参观者。店内设有温馨的咖啡吧,供客人落座小憩的同时,可以环顾四周的展示车辆,以及LED屏幕上的品牌及产品信息。主推车型Mini E和BMW E的产品信息及配饰陈列,被巧妙的嵌入在空间结构柱与柱之间的内凹位置,形成了独立分隔的展示区,然后通过金属网及镜面的运用,视觉上加大空间的同时,也更具抽象与科幻味道。
BMW iSpace 纯电车旗舰店——一个贴合新生代理念的展厅空间。