Investment Creative Office

2782 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Alex Li, Junjun Mei, Sek Chow, Chris Li, Yao Wang
Vincent Wu

The Creative Office of the top investment brand represents the latest innovation in anySCALE’s approach to office design for the industry-leading Chinese banking enterprise. Balancing a minimalist style with dynamic design elements, the office achieves superior functionality with an attractive flair.
A clean, post-industrial aesthetic was adopted for the overall look and feel of the office, taking advantage of the existing concrete structure and opting for neutral colors. Greyscale metal panels, mesh, carpet, and white glass are contrasted by the warm tones of natural wood and vibrant colorful accessories. The use of natural light has also been optimized, creating a naturally bright and comfortable office environment.
On the contrary, an approach towards complexity was adopted from the functional point of view, complementing the traditional office layout with a series of dynamic and experimental spaces that allow for a wide range of collaborative activities, enabling flexible and diverse experiences for teamwork. The open plan along the windows features four separate working areas that can be combined in larger units, equipped with loose furniture that can be freely arranged according to the activity and needs. Between the working stations are shared facilities, lounge areas, and enclosed rooms for private discussions, providing diverse spaces suited either for concentration or collaboration.
The use of geometric graphics and patterns on glass, metal, acoustic panels, and floors add a modern, dynamic touch to the space, while still retaining the corporate essence of the firm.
The Creative Office of the top investment brand provides yet another example of how anySCALE is not content with traditional, drab workspaces, instead favoring progression that elevates company reputation and employee experience.