Check in Terminal

March, 2024
BMW. Hong Kong
Hong Kong
1,500 sqm
Design Team
Man Tseng, Huo Ran, Andreas Thomczyk
Vincent Wu

The Tsuen Wan Car Delivery Center epitomizes BMW's recognition of the importance of customer service in the showroom arena. For the exclusive dealer in Hong Kong an innovative approach was taken, drawing inspiration from airport aesthetics. Upon arrival, customers are warmly welcomed by a spacious Check-in reception area crafted from timber finishes, exuding a cosy ambiance. A digital board displays the identification of cars along with their pick-up times. Upon receiving their "boarding card," customers are escorted to the waiting lounge. Complementing the reception area, the waiting lounges features timber elements and comfortable seating arrangements in the brand's corporate identity colours. Here, customers can receive briefings about their new cars or indulge in refreshments and explore available merchandise.

In the open area, large scale signage and curved ceilings emulate the ambiance of an airport transition space. Enhanced by strategic lighting and illuminated brand posters, the atmosphere is further elevated. When customers are ready, they simply locate their designated parking spot indicated on their boarding card, poised to embark on adventures with their new vehicle.