nobilia house @CIFF

September, 2022
480 sqm
Design Team
Simon Berg, Lorenzo Lanzani, Emma Qi
Vincent Wu

anySCALE designed the nobilia house for German furniture manufacturer nobilia at CIFF Shanghai, one of the largest and most recognized furniture fairs in China. The design draws inspiration from shared traditional archetypes of German and Chinese societies: the urban settlement, the village, and the family home.
The home is the foundation where everything begins. The free-standing house is a classic residential architecture for both German and Chinese cultures: a symbol of family, comfort, security, and luxury in modern cities, values embodied by nobilia. The typical block shape of a house with pitched roof was reduced to a pure volume, serving as the base unit for the booth design, accommodating the nobilia furniture collections inside.
A total of six freestanding volumes composes the pavilion, juxtaposed around an empty central space. The abstract shapes leave room for interpretation: a little German village with a square at its heart or a sumptuous Chinese courtyard house. Windows and openings create framed views of the interiors and enable visual connections between the inner and outer spaces, inviting the visitors to enter and experience the cozy and homely nobilia world.
The volumes are made using a stretched fabric, wrapped around a lightweight prefabricated metal structure to reduce material waste and speed up the assembly process.
Abstract yet intimate, the nobilia House exemplifies anySCALE’s designers’ ability to elevate international design to promote products and brand identity in multicultural settings.

整个nobilia house柏丽大家居展台,既独立,又紧密,体现出anySCALE设计团队不断提升国际设计视野,并在多元文化背景下推广产品及品牌识别度的能力。