CRLand SanShan Showroom

August 2021
650 sqm
Design Team
Simon Berg, Yumin Pua, Tiger Li, Emma Qi
Vincent Wu

The CR Land Nanjing SanShan Showroom repurposes a Qing dynasty private courtyard mansion into an exhibition space for the public. anySCALE’s design accentuates the traditional architecture in a manner that pays homage to the building’s heritage and historical roots, drawing inspiration from Nanjing’s booming brocade industry (YunJin).
Four buildings and three courtyards form a seamless sequence of spaces, creating a natural flow for viewing the exhibits. Guests enter a foyer space with an attached library that features dark intricate carved wood partitions and doors. A curved wood backdrop at reception, hiding technical installations, and patterned pendant decorations with gold “Yunjin” patterns were added to provide some contrast. The first courtyard exudes a serene and tranquil feeling, exemplifying traditional Chinese design with its natural elements - a circular reflective pool, gravel textures, and greenery.
Fabric backdrops and a wood slat roof create a welcoming environment in the next building, which features a series of historical scale models of the site. After the second courtyard, a relaxing lounge area with draping fabric shades, the third building houses the main model display, a bar, and a lounge. The ceiling features a variety of suspended lights with colored fabric screens, another nod towards the embroidery roots of the site, adding a dynamic element that is complemented by the modular, patterned furniture. The final courtyard serves as an outdoor event space - an extension of the last building, which houses a community center, meeting room, and some private offices.
The SanShan Showroom preserves existing structures and highlights original artistry to create a fluid design that transitions smoothly from landscape to interior spaces. The colors, fabrics, and patterns channel the ancient embroidering character of a weaving factory to create an inviting historical showroom for the local community.
 门西记忆馆 · 南京万象天地展示中心,透过对原始建筑结构的保留,以及对传统工匠手艺的尊重,透过流畅的设计手法,将户外景观与室内空间之间形成优美的过渡与转换。色彩、织锦、图案,处处显露出来自古老编织布厂的灵感启迪,令这个为当地民众打造的社区展厅充满了历史的韵味与文化的渗透。