Sun & Well Office Shenzhen

February, 2021
Sun & Well
300 sqm
Design Team
Karin Hepp, Frannie Yuan, Gao Ya
Vincent Wu
LEED Gold, WELL Platium

Sun & Well is a construction company renowned for elite craftsmanship and high quality, environmentally friendly building materials. For the Sun & Well office in Shenzhen, anySCALE created a dynamic, multipurpose showroom and work space to exemplify the company’s state-of-the-art sustainable development practices.
Distinguished by its LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certifications, the design fulfills the highest green building standards, displaying multifunctional areas to show how their quality workmanship is incorporated in an energy efficient and environmentally focused fashion. Felt ceiling panels, absorbent lighting systems, green technologies and other implemented design features provide visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort to create an elegant and harmonious space.
In the main showroom’s center, a custom-made table with built-in drawers is used to display a wide range of building materials housed in a compact storage system - tall deep cabinets embedded in the wall. The open office is divided by a casual lounge area and a modular phone booth with glass windows, separating the material showroom from the staff table. Sliding wood partitions hide a fridge, wine cooler and further storage to keep the space neat and clean.
Along the windows are nooks, framed by the pillars of the façade, with built-in furniture and pantry. They feature graphic art and colored felt ceilings, imbuing these areas with energies that suit their functions – as a festive dining space or a quieter lounge to discuss and present projects. In the bite-out corner, a VIP office encased in adjustable transparent glass doubles as a private meeting room, while another meeting room fully equipped with the latest technologies, a printing room, and a “mother’s room” are tucked away in the back. The French style flooring arranged in different patterns and bold and natural colored acoustic panel ceilings throughout the office serve to differentiate spaces.
In realizing this design, anySCALE was able to create an elegant and impressionable space that reflects the company’s status as a leader in craftsmanship and sustainable development.

Sun & Well 森唯建筑工程,以施工工艺精湛、交付品质卓越、用材绿色环保闻名。在森唯深圳办公室的项目中,anySCALE的设计,兼具了展厅及办公的灵活转换,也将品牌自身注重可持续发展的核心在空间内部进行了表达与彰显。