Huatai Private Bank

September, 2021
1680 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Sek Chow, Lemon Lv
Vincent Wu
Iconic Award 2022

The Huatai Securities Private Banking Center offers clients an immersive and luxurious experience while providing brokerage and banking services. Located on the 25th floor of the Huatai Securities Building in the bustling downtown area of Nanjing, cutting-edge technologies and exquisite finishes reflect the company’s status as a FinTech industry leader, providing its high-end clients with an exclusive clubhouse to consult with experts from the financial field.
The private banking center is part of an ongoing collaboration between anySCALE and Huatai, but this design spared no expense to impress the financial company’s elite customers. White marble flooring, polished brash, rose gold, and leather exude a sense of prestige and luxury.  While the center provides all of the functions of a traditional bank, its focus is to engage and entertain the clients and their families.
Stepping out of the elevator, guests are greeted by an open welcome area and an illuminated city skyline backdrop on massive digital walls that can be slid open to reveal a large event space. LED screens embedded in these walls serve as a giant display for training sessions and presentations held within. Adding to the financial atmosphere of the space, a flowing digital, real-time stock market index display wraps around the building’s core, which houses smaller rooms along the aisles, including a range of private consultation spaces, a traditional tea room, and even a digital golf driving range. Lastly, an elegant living room with plush furniture is the perfect place to relax and chat in a non-business setting.
Elegant and modern, the Huatai Securities private banking center is designed to woo China’s elite class of customers, providing a space that is so much more than your traditional, everyday bank.