June, 2023
CR Land
2,215 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Mia Liu, Liang Wang
Vincent Wu

The Snow Beer Science Innovation City Showroom is a cutting-edge facility located in the heart of Bao'an, Shenzhen. Developed in collaboration with China Resources Land, the project has transformed the former site of the Snow Beer Factory into a dynamic hub that showcases the integration of industry and city.
Under the theme of 'new brewing', the exhibition area stirs up nostalgic memories, enhances the industrial platform, and establishes a paradigm of industry-city integration.
The showroom, spread across the first three floors, encompasses a range of high-tech spaces designed to engage and inspire visitors. It features a lobby space, the City hall, Brand hall, Project all, and Investment hall, along with a Conference center and Negotiation area.
The lobby area boasts a futuristic aesthetic, with anodized metal plates and luminous U-shaped glass creating an ethereal atmosphere that seems to have sprung from a sci-fi narrative.
The City hall serves as a projection area, immersing customers in the transformative power of industrial evolution and the seamless integration of industry with urban life.
The Brand hall is sleek and high-tech, featuring anodized metal plates on the walls and screens for text displays.
The Project hall, with its electronic sand table and explanatory videos, creates an engaging, interactive experience for visitors.
The Conference area is vibrant and versatile, offering various forms of communication. The luminous glass walls and metal wires come together to create a "gray box" filled with a dream-like sense of technology.
The large Activity room can be divided or merged as needed, with the curved ceiling design providing a comfortable lighting environment for different activities.
Every detail, including auxiliary spaces, is designed with a futuristic touch. The narrow corridor to the restrooms mimics natural light. Extra zones like the machine room and storage room exhibit a minimalist, futuristic design, blending black and white root stone floors with grey anodized metal wall panels.
The Snow Beer Science Innovation City Showroom is a beacon of modern design and technology, blending aesthetics, functionality, and technological advancement harmoniously.