Xiong’an Green Building

July, 2023
China Resource Land
1,747 sqm
Design Team
Tom Chan, Sisi Cheng, Junjun Mei, Guopeng Qin, Chris Li
Vincent Wu

The Xiong'an Green Building Exhibition Center Building 1 stands out with its distinctive structural features. This poses an added challenge to the interior design: how can one faithfully represent the original architecture while endowing it with unique charm? At times, the right design strategy is to aptly "do nothing."
Inspired by the natural beauty of Baiyangdian Lake, the Xiong'an Green Building Center adopts it as its core design philosophy. Through techniques like "arraying," "overlaying," "slicing," and "combining," we've seamlessly integrated nature's patterns into the interior design, transforming the splendid textures of nature into tactile architectural art.
From the skeletal structure of the building, we've extracted the design element of the "tree" and incorporated the concept of "neighborhood genes." For many, "under the tree" represents cherished childhood memories, a place that witnessed laughter, tears, and the emotional bonds across generations. Even as the fast pace of modern life fades memories of "under the tree," the feelings connected with childhood remain undiminished.
In terms of material selection, we emphasize the warmth and authenticity of nature. The natural roughness of diatom mud texture paint, the tiered juxtaposition of terrazzo on the floor, and the design of irregular furniture all vividly showcase the charm and aesthetics of nature.
The modular construction of the elevator wall uses rotating grids at various angles to create a delicate three-dimensional effect. The subtly revealed mirror-finished stainless steel behind reflects the surrounding environment from every angle, adding a light and transparent visual experience to the elevator wall.
The overall design of the exhibition space is fresh and bright. A large wooden staircase offers a perfect resting corner for weary bodies, while the wavy inlay on the floor portrays the soft beauty of "water." The combination of tree-like structures with a suspended ceiling disperses light and shadow throughout the space, infusing it with rich visual layers.
As for the brick-red zigzag diatom mud background wall, its striking color undoubtedly becomes the focal point of the entire space, perfectly interpreting the unique creativity and wisdom of the design.