YRD Canteen

February, 2024
YRD Hi-tech Park
1,600 sqm
Design Team
Andreas Thomczyk, Karrie Hou, Lemon Lv, Alex Xu
Vincent Wu

The project entails designing a communal canteen capable of accommodating up to 500 guests simultaneously, forming a key component of a property development initiative by YRD Hi-tech Park investors. Situated within a larger master plan, the development comprises several standalone office towers encircling a spacious sunken courtyard. Strategically enveloping the sunken courtyard, the canteen aims not only to serve as a pragmatic dining facility but also to exude an inviting and vibrant ambiance.
The design revolves around four elongated and slender wings that distinctly delineate the inner space, featuring expansive windows opening towards the courtyard, while the outer structure excludes natural light. This spatial arrangement sets the foundation for the aesthetic concept.
In alignment with the operator's dedication to promoting a sustainable lifestyle through wholesome nutrition, the environment is crafted using a refreshing color scheme dominated by vibrant fruit-inspired hues intermingled with white and off-white shades. Large-scale inspirational quotes, illuminated by LED lights, infuse a youthful and lively street café atmosphere into the otherwise utilitarian space.