ABC Award 2020 – Porsche HQ

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international design competition for automobile marques and has emerged as an important event in the sector. With the competition, the German Design Council honors outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry.

anySCALE and Porsche China (Motors) Ltd. took home the ABC award for their work on Porsche’s new China headquarters based in Shanghai at the Lu Jia Zui Financial Plaza.

A theme of speed and passion needed to speak boldly through the design, embracing the heritage of Porsche as a company. A staircase that functions as a meeting place to foster communication and collaboration of employees, as well as displays featuring the timeline of Porsche’s auto lines, flow together with an environment built to meet WELL Certification ™ Gold Standards. It was vitally important to ensure the physical and mental health and job satisfaction index of Porsche employees and is also one of the essential concepts and purposes of the design of the new office in Shanghai.

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