Project Artemis @ Polyphony




Project team
Mika Woll, Andreas Thomczyk
Sensor Images

Project Artemis by Polyphony put anySCALE to the test with its second physical store located in the Joy City shopping mall in Beijing, China. As the name says, the store’s reduced size created a challenge for our designers to meet the process of sales as a whole in areas such as how to best display a single item, store items efficiently and surprise the customer from the moment they walk in to the moment they select the product.

With the reduced size, our designers had to focus on how to unite the storage and display of the products. By creating a signature wall featuring half moon, acrylic displays embedded into drawers that hold the stock of the displayed products customers can reach in a grab themselves, the space has been streamlined and draws the customers in. While the project was small in scale, there were many technical difficulties that were surmounted by the design team such as realizing the display/storage wall, finding the most high-precision hinges for the drawers and illuminating the products in a seamless way without producing a glare. However, the design was realized, and aside from the vinyl flooring from Swedish producer Bolon, all other products were custom made by our contractors.

For anySCALE, designing on a small scale and for clients such as Polyphony allows us to reduce design to the absolute essence what it needs to be to create a unique product. The term “reduced to the max” best describes this project as the design is reduced but maximized to introduce the products to the customers in an interesting and modern way.

Project Artemis by Polyphony复调是anySCALE为其品牌设计的第二家实体门店,店铺位于北京大悦城商场内。顾名思义,由于空间的缩减,增加了设计难度,如何在有限的空间内将产品进行完美的陈列展示、预留足够的存储功能,并令客户从踏入店门的第一感官就惊喜连连,这些都是需要设计团队综合考虑。于是,将产品展示与产品存储相结合就变成整个项目的设计重心。一面引人注目的通高背景墙成为了整个店铺的标志,墙面由一个个透明亚克力半球构成,将每件复调的玩具透过未来主义的背景墙进行突出强调,同时,每个半球也是一个嵌入式抽屉,顾客可以将其推开,轻松的拿取其中的玩具观赏把玩,设计的整体风格简洁明快,为产品的展示提供了恰如其分的衬托。