ShumYip Showroom

October, 2021
Shum Yip Group
2,200 sqm
Project Leader
Tom Chan
Design Team
Qin Guopeng, Ada Chen, Mia Liu, Ziwei Zhang
Vincent Wu

The Shum Yip Showroom in Shenzen is a collaborative project from Shenzhen Futian District Government and SHUM YIP Group Company. Occupying the top floor of a towering 64-floor skyscraper, anySCALE maximized the stunning panoramic views with four 27-meter-long continuous windows, containing digital display technology. As such, the Shum Yip Showroom has also been dubbed the Cloud Showroom, a nod towards the company’s cloud information technology and the room’s position floating amongst the clouds. In designing the interior, anySCALE was able to blend tradition and innovation to create a versatile, multi-functional space with breathtaking scenery and cutting-edge visual displays.
The lift hallway and adjoining corridor wrapping around the building’s core, feature steel gray and dark honeycomb corrugated aluminum, a textural effect that can be seen throughout the design. On these corridor walls, are projected and mounted displays of Shenzhen's history, culture, and people, creating a warm and scenic mood. Two reception halls direct the flow of traffic; the west being used to greet meeting attendees, with the east serving as an introduction to the tour, housing intelligent video and lighting devices to slowly unveil displays and windows to control the pace of the visit.
Surrounding the core, are four large rectangular spaces: the city showroom, FUTIAN living room, multi-functional hall and the formal conference room. The building’s four corners house supporting facilities, including VIP reception, tea room, digital exhibition, agricultural science exhibition, VR experience, commercial exhibition, leisure area, small conference room and VIP lounge. The floor plan was designed to be flexible and compatible to facilitate smooth traffic flow and serve multiple functions. From the inner corridor, each area can be accessed easily, but each space is also clearly defined, independent yet complementary.
The city showroom and FUTIAN living room feature unique window displays that integrate the outside environment with superimposed images. A UAV is used to shoot the scenery outside of the window, which will slowly appear with overlayed digital information as the tour progresses, synchronizing the contents of the screen with the scenery outside. In the east reception hall and FUTIAN living room, ultra-short focal projector laser arrays hidden in the ceiling create frameless, flowing art scenes. On the south wall of the main conference room, laser-cut aluminum plates highlight the landmark buildings of the Shenzhen skyline. Throughout the Shum Yip Showroom, LED screens, block array screens, VR projection, optical projection guidance system and ceiling matrix sound system complete the innovative design, giving guests an unforgettable sensory experience.
The Shum Yip Showroom is one of a kind, elegantly integrating the latest technologies with stunning scenery in a way that feels futuristic, yet unforced and natural at the same time. As such, this showroom in the clouds has a surreal feeling that is truly out of this world.