Workshop at W Amsterdam

This year, anySCALE’s annual leadership workshop was held at W Amsterdam. Distanced not only from daily life and business in China but from the bustle of the city, the half-day session on the top floor of the hotel resulted in fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas. Individual and team achievements, struggles, insights, and breakthroughs were reflected upon, as were areas for improvement and strategies for the coming periods.

A peek at the annual anySCALE Leadership Workshop held at the W in Amsterdam.

In attendance were the firm partners as well as regional directors for East and South China, and the two senior-most designers from the Beijing office. The session was led by Managing Partner Andreas Thomczyk and Co-founding Partner Karin Hepp.

A like-minded pursuit of excellence in design and teamwork.

The session touched upon several topics and themes. Beginning from the very tools used at work by the designers, the team discussed the tool-based processes to optimize output and creative results. The operating procedures and methods for internal workflows across offices as well as internal and external communications were addressed. In terms of the bigger picture, the coming year’s strategic vision and execution along with the team structure in China was determined. Towards the end, the team analyzed anySCALE’s public relations and profile in the media, and how the firm could bring even more visibility to the work for the benefit of the teams and the clients. The session concluded with a project design overview for the year, with the strongest and lowest points of key projects laid out for a thorough breakdown and study.

Bolstered by the strong team spirit and goodwill, workshop attendees appreciated the open and intense discussions on work across levels and the variety of viewpoints that enhanced their own perspectives. Inspired by the productive and eye-opening conversations and wanting more of such sessions every year, team members felt energized to carry out the vision for the new year.